Custom Liquid shoe polish factory

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Liquid shoe polish factory

1.product Introduction of the Shoe polish

Shoe polish is a liquid polishing agent to clean and shine the surface of shoes. Shoe polish is usually wax or paste.

2.produkto parametras (specifikacija) of the shoe polish

Produktas: Batų tepalas
Item number: BK8840
funkcijos: Quick Shine/Waterproof/Color Renovate
Pritaikyti: Bottle color & Label
Taikymas: Leather
Medžiaga: PP & PE
Net content: 75ML
Expiration Date: 3 YEARS

3.Technical Indicators of the shoe polish

  1. Appearance: milky white homogeneous liquid;
  2. PH value: 7-9;
  3. Solid content: 30%
  4. Average particle diameter: <0.4 micron;
  5. Storage stability: sealed storage > 6 months.

4.FAQ of the shoe polish

Q.1 Do you have any agent in our country?

Do you sell these products in our country?

Taip, we have. But I am not clear about it. Because many trading companies purchase it from our company, and I don’t know the final information on the wholesaler or agent.

If you like to be our agent, it is welcomedwe are so pleased.

Q.2 May I have my brand/logo/design and company information on the products.

Taip, you can. If you pay for the mold charge/Printing plate charge and reach the MOQ, we can provide you the OEM and OEM design.

Q3. Kas yra MOQ (Minimalus Užsakymo Kiekis)?

Didžioji dalis MOQ yra 10,000 vnt, bet jei mokate už papildomą mokestį, tai gali būti mažesnis kiekis.

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