OEM Black Liquid shoe polish



Liquid shoe polish factory

1.product Introduction of the Shoe polish

Shoe polish is a liquid polishing agent to clean and shine the surface of shoes. Shoe polish is usually wax or paste.

2.product Parameter (specification) 的。 the shoe polish

產品。: 鞋油。
Item number: BK8830
Features: Quick Shine/Waterproof/Color Renovate
Customize: Bottle color & Label
應用。: Leather
Material: PP & PE
Net content: 75ML
Expiration Date: 3 YEARS

3.Technical Indicators of the shoe polish

  1. Appearance: milky white homogeneous liquid;
  2. PH value: 7-9;
  3. Solid content: 30%
  4. Average particle diameter: <0.4 micron;
  5. Storage stability: sealed storage > 6 months.


4.FAQ of the shoe polish

Q.1 Do you have any agent in our country?

Do you sell these products in our country?

係, we have. But I am not clear about it. Because many trading companies purchase it from our company, and I don’t know the final information on the wholesaler or agent.

If you like to be our agent, it is welcomedwe are so pleased.


Q.2 May I have my brand/logo/design and company information on the products.

係, 您可以. 如果您支付模具費/打印板費,並到達MOQ, 我們可以為您提供OEM和OEM設計.


Q3. What is the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

Most of MOQ is 10,000 pcs, but if you pay for the extra charge, it can be a smaller quantity.